Virtual Staging Service

Virtual staging service Virtual Staging has emerged as a significant technological advancement in Home Staging technology. It is a cost effective alternative to a traditional staging system, however, it can also be a great addition to a traditional drum house staging. Our process allows us to use existing furniture and decor to create virtual staged photographs of empty homes, creating exceptionally realistic staged photos for clients across the globe

Virtual Renovation: renovate older homes and help potential customers visualize what their property will look like after a remodel. We helped and the renovators create potential models of what customers can expect developers for the end result.

Virtual Twilight Virtual twilight service is a process that changes a daylight photographs into twilight ones by using Photoshop techniques.
• Adjust brightness like night, twilight…
• Reflection light effect
• Change the beautiful sky
• Light for the window
• Lighting for lighting equipment
• Timelapse video for virtual sunset
• Eliminates sun shade
• Realistic lighting effects
• Turn on the light
• Darken the neighborhood
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Virtual Staging Project